100% virgin recycled... why settle for less?

You put a lot of effort into ensuring your product is the highest quality... why not put the same effort into its packaging?

Your customers will judge the packaging at the point of purchase, long before they have the chance to judge the product itself.

Make sure that your product earns the right to bear the 100SRP quality recycled plastic icon. That way you'll increase the chances of a sale, and let the quality of your product speak for itself.

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Impending legislation

There are moves world-wide to introduce legislation governing the production of plastic packaging with respect to the minimum content of recycled product.

It is anticipated that by 2025 all plastic packaging must contain a minimum of 30% recycled plastic.

Whilst we welcome these moves we believe that it is possible to produce plastic products containing 100% recycled plastic with comparable cost and quality to mixed and even virgin material.

Potential to be better-than-virgin material

There is a misconception that recycled plastic is inferior to virgin material.

Products can be tailored to meet specific applications.

Trials in factory can be replicated for production runs.

At Recycling Plastics Australia, however, all our material is sorted by type and colour before we start the recycling process, so our product is of the highest purity.

Guaranteed supply

Recycling Plastics Australia not only has an abundant supply of raw materials but we are the best-placed company in Australia to process those materials.

Not only is our equipment the most advanced in Australia, our expertise in operating that equipment in a cost and time-effective manner is second to none.

The bottom line is that with the best operators and the best equipment we can guarantee a supply that nobody else in Australia can match, with potential to reach 40,000 tonnes annually in 2020 - the biggest capacity in Australia!

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