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Over 40 years of plastics recycling expertise

Our plastics processing customers use our regranulated material in injection moulding and in extrusion. The customer decides on the properties of the regrind material. We incorporate additional additives and/or fillers into the production process to define the colour, processing temperature, flow rate, breaking strength and impact resistance to customer requirements.

  • Product uses range from agricultural products, household containers, high quality building materials to quality injection moulded parts
  • Our recycled plastic is high enough quality to replace virgin plastic material.
  • Very high quality – made to specific grades with very high polymer purity.


Pure HDPE • Pellets • Regrind • Baled

Strong, tough pellets made from HDPE bottles which can be re-purposed to make bins, pipes and other hard plastic requirements. Available in a variety of colours including blue, green, yellow and transparent.

Suitable for injection molding, our plant can produce HDPE that competes with virgin plastic through the ability to accurately add fillers such as glass fibre, calcium carbonate, talc and other material modifiers.


Pure Polypropylene • Pellets • Regrind • Baled

High Quality Polypropylene pellet suitable for injection molding and used significantly in the packaging industry and in carpets, upholstery and clothing.

Baled PET and PVC

9,000 ton of baled sorted plastic (primarily PET) is expected to be sold locally or overseas.

Specialty Products

Order to colour or product specific polymers for manufacturing.

Granule sizes from regrind usually 3mm pellet, however anything to 6-8mm can be arranged.